Papal Indoor Sets


Papal Indoor Sets

Papal Indoor Flag sets come complete with gold cord & tassel, 2-piece oak pole with brass screw joint, 8″ brass cross, 8lb. ASB plastic gold metalized stand, your choice of plain or fringed flag.

3’x5′ flag with 8’x1-1/4″ Oak Pole or 4’x6′ flag with 9’x1-1/4″ Oak Pole

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Papal Indoor Sets

Papal Flag
This is the flag of the Pope and the Vatican City, and been used by both for over 75 years. It features a yellow and white field, with the Papal Coat of Arms on the white field. The emblem consists of the silver and gold keys of Saint Peter, a red thread that binds them, and the triple tiara of the Pope. It is flown to represent the sovereignty of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, for the Vatican City and the Holy See.

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3'x5' Plain w/8' pole, 3'x5' Fringed w/8' pole, 4'x6' Plain w/9' pole, 4'x6' Fringed w/9' pole


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