Israel Indoor Sets


Israel Indoor Sets

Israel Indoor Flag sets come complete with gold cord & tassel, 2-piece oak pole with brass screw joint, 8″ brass cross, 8lb. ASB plastic gold metalized stand, your choice of plain or fringed flag.

3’x5′ flag with 8’x1-1/4″ Oak Pole or 4’x6′ flag with 9’x1-1/4″ Oak Pole

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Israel Indoor Sets

Israel/ Star of David Flag

The well-known flag of the State of Israel, this flag is very significant to its citizens and those of the Jewish Faith. It bears the Star of David, the major emblem of Judaism on a white field with blue stripes. The field resembles a traditional prayer shawl called a Tallit, which is white and uses a blue called tekhelet, an important color for Jews.

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3'x5' Plain w/8' pole, 3'x5' Fringed w/8' pole, 4'x6' Plain w/9' pole, 4'x6' Fringed w/9' pole


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