Internal Halyard Cable Based Commercial Flagpole


Internal Halyard Cable Based Commercial Flagpole

Flagsource Unlimited has Independence internal halyard cable based flagpoles by Concord American Flagpole. 

INDEPENDENCE stainless steel cable based, internal halyard flagpoles provide the best solution to the problem of vandalism. A smooth, flush door configuration resulting from the thick, high strength aluminum casting welded into the precision cut door opening supplies the strength needed when a significant opening is made in a flagpole shaft. The heart of the INDEPENDENCE flagpole is the custom stainless steel gearless winch assembly, designed specifically for the flagpole industry and first introduced by Concord American Flagpole.

The winch is mounted on a patented swivel base plate for greater security while continuing to offer ease of maintenance. This swivel winch plate allows the winch to be operated from the handle access hole in the door. A cast winch access hole button in the door provides additional security or can be removed to facilitate daily operation of the flagpole without removing the door.

For more information and pricing please e-mail or call Flagsource Unlimited, 913-631-3524.


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