Culpepper Flag 3’x 5′


3’x 5′ Nylon Flag



The Culpeper Flag was carried by the Culpeper Minutemen from Culpeper County, Virginia. The men were part of Colonel Patrick Henry’s 1st Virginia Regiment formed in 1775. The flag was a version of the Gadsden Flag created earlier in the year by South Carolina representative to Congress, Christopher Gadsden, but with Patrick Henry’s famous words “Liberty or Death” added on the sides. This is one of the few American Revolution Flags that we can say with certainty was truly carried in the Revolutionary War.

The Culpeper Flag is a white flag with an American rattlesnake in the middle over the words “Don’t Tread on Me.” The words “The Culpeper Minutemen” are in a banner over the top of the snake and Patrick Henry’s famous words “Liberty or Death” are to the sides of the snake.

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