Flagpole Preventive Maintenance

Flagsource Unlimited flagpole preventive maintenance includes service to commercial and residential flagpoles in Kansas City and surrounding areas. From re-roping to replacing cables, trucks, balls, snap hooks and flags, we can do it.

Ropes and cables should be inspected and serviced at least once a year before they break. If they break, a bucket truck will have to be sent out. A bucket truck is more costly.

Flags also should be repaired or replaced when fraying is obvious. Flags can often be repaired if caught early enough.

What will we do on a Flagpole Preventive Maintenance service call?

Rope based flagpoles; check the rope, check and lubricate snap hooks . We’ll also do a ground observation of the truck and ball, and we’ll check the flag/flags. Replace any parts/flags necessary.

Cable based flagpoles; check and clean the winch. Check the cable for fraying. Check all fittings, snap hooks, weights, and tighten them up and lubricate. Check the flag/flags and do a ground observation of the truck and ball. Replace any parts/flags necessary.

We generally work in the Kansas City metro area and many of the surrounding communities. 

Keep your flagpole looking good and operating well. Please call, e-mail, or fill in the form below for more information. We look forward to working with you. We will call you to schedule a date and time for service.



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